The ORMIG 15iE is the most compact of its range, entirely radio-controlled crane with a capacity of 15 tonnes. The machine was conceived and designed to operate mainly indoors and in very confined spaces thanks to its very small dimensions: the width is 1.84 m and the height is 1.90 m.

In order to facilitate transport in all areas, the weight of the crane in the standard version is 13 tonnes.

Also the ORMIG 15iE, like all ORMIG models, has four points of support on the ground, in order to guarantee the best lateral stability during the translation phase with the applied load.

There are many options available including hydraulic and mechanical jibs, perfect where working heights are minimal. Furthermore, the crane can be equipped with front stabilizers (front jacks) positioned inside the frame to substantially increase the capacity.

ORMIG 5.5 tmE


ORMIG 16 tmE