Today’s ORMIG premises

ORMIG S.p.A. is a leading company in the lifting and industrial handling sector and has been operating on the market since 1949. ORMIG manufactures its self-propelled crane models starting from the technical drawing. The company covers the entire production cycle: starting from high quality steel sheets of various thicknesses, it proceeds with cutting, welding, mechanical processing on boring machines and lathes that are constantly updated, assembly and fabrication of frames, booms and components.

What characterizes ORMIG products on the market is also the modus operandi in acquiring components from sub-suppliers: it is the specifications of a crane project that require the sub-supplier market to adapt to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the electrical and hydraulic systems, not the other way around. ORMIG’s goal has always been to be up-to-date, while exploiting the experience of more than seventy years of history.

Electric Pick & Carry indoor chassis on ORMIG’s machine-tool
Equipment at the machine-tools step
  • Technical and design office
  • Production management office
  • Steel cutting and Carpentry department
  • Machine tool department
  • Assembly department
  • Tests department
  • Painting department
  • Technical assistance department
  • Components and and spare parts warehouse