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We wait for you at the JDL Expo next September

Journée Du Levage, lifting days, in Beaune – France – from 25 to 27 September 2024

And 2025 will be full of lifting industry trade shows

Bauma in Germany, GIS in Italy and Matexpo in Belgium

3 ORMIG ELECTRIC PICK & CARRY cranes of 60 tonnes lifting capacity

Electric Pick & Carry cranes

ORMIG S.p.A. manufactures electrically powered “Pick and Carry” cranes for lifting and handling loads indoors and in industrial environments, in compliance with current regulations regarding noise and environmental pollution.

These vehicles are distinguished by their small size and large load capacities.

The indoor range is specially designed to be as compact as possible for the maximum lifting capacity offered by each model. All cranes are equipped with four points of support on the ground in any steering condition, with the ability to rotate on themselves around the front axle, like a compass; the turning radius, therefore, is the minimum possible. The rear axle steering mechanism is an ORMIG patent and combines electronic and mechanical control, managing the two sets of rear wheels to always guarantee a perfect relative steering angle between the two. This gives precision and delicacy to the crane, characteristics that are very important for precise positioning of the load.

The range includes vehicles with capacities from 5.5 tons to 100 tons.