The ORMIG 100iE, flagship of the iE range, has a maximum capacity of 100 tonnes in six different increasing configurations, thanks to the modular counterweights.

It shares most of the technical choices with its sister, the ORMIG 60iE: four points of support on the ground with three-setting pneumo-hydraulic suspension at the rear axle, various options for more specific uses and an innovative terminal section of the boom.

The ORMIG 100iE is in fact equipped with a hydraulically operated oscillating head capable of lifting up the maximum capacity, a solution that combines the advantages of mechanical jibs with fixed positions with those of hydraulic jibs.

Approved according to Law Decree of 04/30/92 n. 285 and Ministerial Decree of 06/14/85 as “exceptional operating machine”.

ORMIG 5.5 tmE


ORMIG 16 tmE