Pick & Carry cranes Optionals

Pick & Carry cranes Optionals

ORMIG manufactures its cranes and components always starting from the technical design phase, which is carried out in its own offices. This allows the company to always maintain ample control over the solutions that end users need, providing the possibility of studying and creating customized optionals, on request.

Among the most used are the jibs, or arms, with mechanical positioning in different angles or with hydraulic movement, often in two pieces to increase their versatility. These two solutions can also be equipped with pulleys and hook blocks, for using the crane with rope and winch.

To accompany the large cabin, ORMIG has also introduced the radio control for all movements, freeing the operator from the constraint of the cabin in the most delicate and millimetric phases of his work. The remote control shows on the display all the information that can anyway be consulted from the dashboard in the cab too.

For more specific uses, ORMIG has also designed and manufactured self-leveling forks with independent lateral translation, front stabilizers to increase capacities at higher reach and other options, such as pliers for handling particular loads or hydraulically rotating hooks.